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  1. How to Emulate an Old Mac on a New Mac or PC
  2. Mac Retro: Run Mac OS System 7 in Mac OS X
  3. In-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive
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If the file is in the correct format, and is bootable, SheepShaver will boot from the image file.

Running Mac OS 7 on Raspberry Pi with COLOR

If the image file is not "locked," which it must be if the Mac OS is to be installed from it, the SheepShaver Wrapper will offer to lock it for you. Shut down SheepShaver completely.

How to Emulate an Old Mac on a New Mac or PC

If you want to use a different folder as the "Unix" folder, then shut down SheepShaver, and turn on Caps Lock by tapping the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. Follow the prompts to select a folder as your "Unix" folder.

Any other changes made in the Preferences dialog, however, will take effect the next time you start the application. For complicated reasons, my own system - the one on which this one is based - writes the location of the Unix folder into the SheepShaver preferences file every time the program launches, and I didn't change that method when preparing this reduced version. Study the configuration guide at E-Maculation. If something goes wrong, and you have not studied that guide, then you have only yourself to blame.

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Some tips and tricks. By default, the application opens with a window size of x If you know how to edit AppleScript, you can open the application in the AppleScript Editor ignore the warning message about the application not being scriptable , and change a clearly-explained option near the top of the script, so that the application will instead calculate its initial window size as a proportion of your actual monitor size.

Also, you can change the window size at any time by using the SheepShaver Preferences dialog, and then shutting down and restarting the application. Or if you know what you are doing you can edit the AppleScript in the SheepShaver Wrapper to change the default window size, and then hold down the Option key when next starting the SheepShaver Wrapper in order for the changed default to take effect.

Mac Retro: Run Mac OS System 7 in Mac OS X

Standard screens on PowerPC laptop computers that shipped with OS 8 or 9 had screen sizes of x and x If you have used the SheepShaver Preferences pane to enable full-screen mode not recommended! The virtual hard disk in the system is a 2GB disk. If that does not provide enough disk space for your purposes, create a second disk, using the procedures described in the wiki at Emaculation.

Or use the SheepShaver preferences to add the unformatted Backup 2GB disk also included in the system. This system is built on software provided by many people who are more expert than I am. The included build of SheepShaver is a custom build of code modified by the programmer who uses the name kanjitalk I have benefited from many suggestions by Ronald P. Regensburg and others in the E-Maculation forum, and I could not have written this script without the help of many experts at Macscripter.

Please do not ask me to help you set up the "classic" Mac OS or advise you about any applications.

In-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive

You can get old versions of the Mac system software from Apple's official site , where you can download System 6. Mount one of those disks in MinivMac and you'll be in business. MinivMac has plenty of instructions on how to install old software into your emulator, but it turns out to be a tremendously annoying process because newer computers strip off the file type information that older Macs need to operate.

A much easier option is to just download MinivMac-compatible disc images of games from eMaculation's System 6 Hell. A Mac II on an Android tablet?

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  • That's cool. However, both are much more complicated to set up and run than minivMac.

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