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It is best to check which is right for your MacBook. In the UK, Flexx Memory is a good place to start looking. That said, the iMac isn't particularly upgrade friendly: most iMac modifications involve removing the screen, the outer layer of which is attached via very strong magnets on older models. Despite this, once you get 'under the hood' you'll find that there are plenty of components waiting to be improved upon, at least in the older iMac models. Wondering how to get inside the iMac to update it?

Many upgrade guides recommend the use of suction cups to do this. If you don't have suction cups to hand we didn't you can use a credit card to lever the outer layer off as we did in the picture below. Just don't break your card in the process….

RAM is the easiest thing to upgrade in your iMac because it doesn't involve removing the screen. All you need is a screwdriver and a little patience. Instructions : Intel inch - with a inch iMac there is a hatch on the back of the screen which allows you to replace the RAM really easily. Instructions: If you have a Intel Apple has recently made it easier to update the RAM in the If your iMac has an upgradable hard drive or SSD as per our list above you could potentially update it as per these instructions:. If you want to take advantage of falling storage prices and you're not adverse to taking off your iMac's screen, then a hard drive upgrade is a great way to get a little more life out of your Mac.

If your iMac has an optical drive you might be able to add an extra hard drive or SSD as per these instructions:.

Removing the optical drive isn't an option for every type of iMac, but if you're not seeing much need for DVDs and CDs any more, this is a logical if somewhat tricky use of space. Instructions: You could follow these instructions, depending on the age of your machine. Notes: If you're installing a second storage drive into your Mac, you might be interested in learning how to make your own Fusion drive. It's rare, but if your iMac has an upgradable graphics card you might be able to update it as per these instructions.

Instructions: Follow these instructions to update the graphics in your iMac. There are further links below according to the model you have. If your iMac has an upgradable processor you might be able to update it as per these instructions. As a rule of thumb, processor upgrades are some of the hardest to get right - as such, they are not quite as popular.

The iMac is no exception, but if you're feeling adventurous, take a look below…. Notes: Do you really need to upgrade your processor?

Radio Speakers With Mac mini

If you're looking for performance improvements in an iMac, you may wish to consider replacing your boot drive with an SSD first. As a rule of thumb, earlier versions the Mac mini are not particularly 'upgrade friendly'. There's also quite lot of variation in the internal layout of the various models, which means that some require more disassembly than others - there is often the need to unplug components on the logic board. Depending on the model you're working with, it's likely that you'll need some kind of flat implement to get the top cover off blunt, not sharp.

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Don't let that stop you, though - we managed to do it in a mere 6 minutes. Read next: Mac mini reviews New Mac mini rumours. In most makes of Mac Mini you can't upgrade the processor - for models released since , processors have been soldered onto the motherboard. What you'll need: Putty knife or equivalent blunt implement, screwdriver, spudger.

What you'll need: Putty knife or equivalent blunt implement, screwdriver, spudger, Mac Mini dual hard drive kit. Installing two hard drives is not an option for every type of Mac Mini, but if you have a Mid model, and fancy a challenge - try this. Guide: Here's how to update the Hard Drive in a Mac mini. Marc marc85 Rep: 4 2 1. Symptoms: Built-in speakers don't make any sounds. No sound coming from output jack headphones or external speakers.

In "system information", when I look in sound hardware So I'm at a loss and need your help! My logic board is A Thanks. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Warranty up? Chosen Solution. Ended up getting the logicboard replaced. Was this answer helpful? Score 0. Most Helpful Answer. Jan-Wolter Smit Rep: 61 1 1. SMC reset worked fine for me! Score 5. Worked for me as well. Same here! Happens to me like once in a year and SMC reset helps every time.

Worked for me also, thank you! Reece reecee Rep: Sounds like power has been sent through the port by the amp, damaging the audio circuit. Score 4. Score 1. Walker Young walkeryoung Rep: Repairs are us 11 3 5. Thanks for the idea, but how is doing a factory reset going to help? Por Bluetooth funciona sin problemas. Abin Jo Abraham Rep: 1.

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  • Alex Golovin Rep: 1. I think the logic board is bad despite everything else working ok.

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    Did your problem got solved? I gave it back to the teacher and explained to him the problem and resolution. Posted: January 29 Options Permalink History. David Najman Rep: 1.

    Macbook pro right speaker distortion

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    If you have a MAC, you don't need a DAC

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